Rabbi Yehudah Glick Arrested

I am outraged at the arrest of Rabbi Yehuda Glick Tuesday morning on the Temple Mount in Israel. I know this man and his heart for humanity. While leading American politicians on a short tour, Rabbi Glick was arrested apparently because he was walking too slow. This makes no sense.
Rabbi Glick stands for legitimate rights and fights against discrimination against Jews that prevents them from ascending their most holy place.

This reminds me of a man in the United States who believed in the legitimate rights of people—a man who became a hero to many—Martin Luther King Jr. In the letter King wrote during his eleven-day imprisonment, he argued that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” He set the tone for the civil rights movement by inspiring like-minded people to join him in uniting against injustice.

Rabbi Glick is attempting to accomplish something similar in Israel, on behalf of the Jews, in a peaceful manner.
Civil rights has always been a struggle for justice and defense of the rights of human beings regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics. This is the issue the Jews face today in Israel. Rabbi Glick wants all Jews to have the right to walk on the Temple Mount, one of the most sacred locations for the Jewish people.

He also wants to show the world that this right is being denied to both Jews and Christians, who are being repeatedly asked to deny or hide their beliefs so that the Muslims are not offended. This is not what equal rights looks like. Where are the rights of the Jew and the Christian? Where is the cultural and religious respect? It is unjust for this religious persecution to continue.

Muslims have many protected holy places around the world. Yet, the Jews are being denied access to this important holy place within their own country.

Where is the outrage of those who are so adamantly against stifling freedoms? The Jews—and Rabbi Glick—deserve our advocacy as they face religious persecution in their homeland.

Rabbi Glick says, “I will continue the just struggle to make the Temple Mount a House of Prayer for All Nations, without any discrimination against anyone – according to the wording of President Trump’s deal-of-the-century regarding the “Temple Mount for All”. I call on the public from Israel and the World to join the global campaign my Shalom Jerusalem Foundation has launched – which includes posting and tweeting with the hashtag #TempleMount4all”