Why A Biden Ticket Would Guarantee Trump’s 2020 Victory

As the Democratic primaries draw near, the candidates are sharpening their claws.

They started off in the first set of debates attacking the president, but they’ve since turned towards attacking former Vice President and current frontrunner, Joe Biden.

In an attempt to sully Biden’s name and record, they’ve also sullied Obama’s, and that’s where the party is drawing the line. Lobbyists, former Obama Administration officials, and voters are seemingly turning on any candidate who dares to speak an ill word about Obama and his policies.

Ironic how just a few weeks ago, Obama was untouchable by everyone in the party. When someone from the other side of the aisle, especially President Trump, spoke out against him, no democrat dared to waste a single moment fighting back. But now, as the candidates are all bidding to become the nominee, the gloves are off. It makes you wonder for a minute if Obama really was the perfect President everyone claimed him to be.

As they continue to rail against themselves, they’re showing two things to anyone paying attention.

First, is that they can’t be trusted. Each candidate will say whatever they need to in order to make sure that they look the least worst. Second, is that they’re temporarily taking their gaze off of the trump administration and campaign, which will likely prove costly.

I, personally, enjoy the infighting. At least we all get to see how two-faced they are.