Trump Didn’t Know He Was On Camera, What They Caught Him Doing Sparked Outrage Among Leftists

Puerto Rico was shattered by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Some experts are saying the storms have set the territory back 20 years!

President Trump visited Puerto Rico to see first hand what had been done. As you can imagine he was frank, didn’t mince words, and managed to catch a lot of flack for it.

He’s been President for 10 months now, and the criticism’s aren’t letting up. It almost becomes laughable at what he gets slammed for.

“I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack.”

He was even criticized for saying that Hurricane Maria wasn’t as bad as Katrina. Which got turned into the false quote of him saying “Maria wasn’t a real catastrophe” like Katrina. Trump was referring to the hurricanes in terms of death toll. 1,833 people lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina, while only 34 lives were claimed in Puerto Rico.

So there’s another example of how the media will look for any excuse to cut down Trump’s efforts.

The criticism hit a fever pitch when he was handing out supplies to Puerto Ricans.

Trump was lobbing rolls of paper towels to people in the crowd that had gathered. It was something akin to throwing out t-shirts into the crowd at a basketball game.

You can just imagine the hate tweets he received…

Here’s the thing.

As wrecked as Puerto Rico is, and as much as the San Juan Mayor, Carmen Cruz, wants to attack Trump through the media, it appears that everyone here is having a great time.

Look at those photos.

Where’s the outrage? Are people shouting down Trump?


Are people smiling, and taking video of the moment with their phones?


If Puerto Rico is so completely devastated, then how do all of those people have the ability to be taking photos and video and post it to social media?

Trump routinely makes bad off the cuff choices that don’t pan out at all. Does it look good that the Commander in Chief, the leader of the Free World is shooting free throws to victims?

Absolutely not.

But did the recipients of said paper towels seem to care?

Absolutely not.

Another day. Another faux liberal Trump hating outrage.