Martin Shkreli Threatened A Former Secretary Of State, And Paid Dearly

It’s one thing to think about doing something distasteful to someone, and it’s another thing altogether to encourage someone else to do it. And it’s yet even a far more worse thing to offer someone money to do this thing.

99.9% of us wouldn’t let these momentary lapses in character leave the hypothetical confines of our mind, and yet 99.9% are not Martin Shkreli.

Martin Shkreli, affectionately referred to as Pharma Bro, on the internet has landed himself back in jail because he was asking his ‘audience’ to assault Hillary Clinton.

It’s not just this, although it was significant enough by itself. Shkreli has been posting increasingly erratic messages to Twitter since his August 4th conviction.

Since Mrs. Clinton is Mrs. Clinton, Secret Service had to act immediately. Perhaps Shkreli wouldn’t have done it, but there could be a deranged enough person out there to take him up on his $5,000 dollar offer.

Shkreli’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, did his best to defend this, but he obviously knew there was no way to get his client off this time. His attempt is the text book example of “mailing it in.”

‘However inappropriate some of Mr. Shkreli’s postings may have been, we do not believe that he intended harm and do not believe that he poses a danger to the community,’ Shkreli’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said in a statement.

Shkreli spoke up in his own defense,

“I wanted to personally apologize to this Court and my lawyers for the aggravation that my recent postings have caused,’ Shkreli wrote. I understand now, that some may have read my comments about Mrs. Clinton as threatening, when that was never my intention when making those comments.”

The Secret Service is going to protect Mrs. Clinton against any threat, and even though there are numerous allegations against the Clintons for their ability to evade arrest for a myriad of topics, an act like this from Shkreli only serves to further align these notions with complete lunacy.

His Facebook post makes him like a harassing mad scientist. What is he talking about when he mentions “Sequences?” Check them against what? What is he possibly thinking.

The Clintons like any other major political family would go to great lengths to protect their ‘reputation.’ A guy like Shkreli only serves to further their case that they’re innocent of it all.