Jefferey Epstein Is No Longer With Us, Clintons Breathe Sigh Of Relief

We knew this would happen, WE KNEW IT.

There’s a reason folks wanted 24/7 round the clock monitoring for this guy: people with dirt on the Clintons end up dead. The latest example: Billionaire Pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

It’s a tale as old as time. If you have evidence of the Clintons committing a crime, you end up dead.

This comes just a few weeks after Epstein had supposedly attempted suicide in his cell when guards found that he had injuries around his neck.

To make matters even more strange, yesterday it was revealed that Prince Andrew had been a frequent “user” of the young girls procured by Epstein. Obviously “the crown” doesn’t want Epstein dragging that family through the mud.

Again, we knew this would happen. We knew Epstein would never last long enough to testify. I have a feeling those on the inside knew that as well.

Expect this story to disappear entirely. We had the Slick Willie Clinton dead to rights, and then the one person with the information that could destroy him dies. Now, Clinton may never have to answer for what he did to young girls.

Add one more to the Clinton Body Count.