Cowboys Players Serve Up An Early Thanksgiving For The Salvation Army

The end of a year brings all kinds of things, mostly Holidays and the business of people hustling around for presents. People seem to spend so much money on things, when in reality it’s your time, and the time spent together or helping others that is the greatest gift we could give.

For more than 800 needy men, women, and children at the Salvation Army in Dallas and Fort Worth, time spent from some Dallas Cowboys players, and a warm Thanksgiving meal was what they needed this day.

It is an annual tradition for the Dallas Cowboys players to split up into two groups, the veteran and the rookie players.  They travel to separate locations, one group goes to Dallas, one group goes to Fort Worth. Players say they have an obligation to give back to the less fortunate, and they make sure to do this Thanksgiving tradition every year to help.

We are sure it gives them great pride knowing they are helping others, and those people at the Salvation Army are please to have them back every year. Not only do they get to meet the players face to face, the players serve them the food themselves, and stop to take some photos with Cowboys fans.

What an honor to call the Cowboys my home team, such a great example to lead us all into the holiday season.