The Trump I Know – Documentary

Donald Trump is the most well-known person in the world, and the paradox is that he is also one of the most controversial people in the world at the same time. "The Trump I Know" is a new documentary that takes up the narrative of the women that are around...

Trump Speech Interrupted By “USA!” Chants

President Donald Trump visited Pennsylvania Tuesday to talk to a packed stadium about the United States' energy, and was welcomed like the celebrity he is. "Today we celebrate the revolution of American energy that's helping make our economy the envy of the world," President Trump touts to the cheering crowd...

What Might Have Really Happened To Jeffrey Epstein

Finally, America is coming together. Sure, it took the "death" of one of the world's worst human beings, but people are coming together, saying "this doesn't smell right." If we apply Occam's Razor, the theory that the simplest answer is the most correct, then the narrative makes sense. Jeffrey Epstein...
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