Tim Tebow Always Had “John 3:16” Under His Eyes, What He Just Confessed Left Me In Tears

Before players were taking a knee for the National Anthem, there was a certain player kneeling for a completely different reason, but the media wasn’t about to rush to his aid.

Back when he played for the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow was arguably the most polarizing figure in sports.

During an episode of Harry Conick Jr.’s show “Harry”, Tebow was asked about what happened to him after his team’s shocking 2012 playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

During the game, Tebow had written “John 3:16” under his eyes, copying what he had done a few years earlier while playing for the national title at the University of Florida.

During that game, back in 2009, over 94 million people ended up googling that Bible verse. Oh yeah, and Tebow’s team went on to win the game.

Fast-forward to 2012, and almost the exact same thing happened again.

During an overtime thriller, Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a victory with a game-winning touchdown pass that left everyone stunned:

After the game, Tebow says that a Broncos PR guy had rushed over to him, and struggled to get the words out because of the excitement.

“Timmy, do you realize what happened?” the Broncos employee asked.

“Yeah, we just beat the Steelers and we’re going to play the Patriots!”

“No, I don’t think you realize what just happened. It’s exactly three years later from when you wore John 3:16 under your eyes. During the game you threw for 316 yards, your yards per rush were 3.16, your yards per catch were 31.6, the ratings for the game was 31.6 and the time of possession was 31.6”

Over the years, Tebow has been asked a lot about this story, and the strange timing of it all.

“A lot of people said it was a coincidence. I say big God.”

Classic Tebow, never afraid to give God the glory!