They Asked Tim Tebow “What About Fear?” His Response Set Every Heart On Fire

Tim Tebow is unquestionably a role model worth having, but he would be the last one to tell you that.

The always humble Tebow was interviewed this week on “Fox and Friends”, and during the interview he was asked about his journey thus far into his professional baseball career.

“How do you feel about where you’re at with baseball?” one of the hosts sked Tebow.

“I’ve loved it so far,” the former Heisman Trophy winner said. “It’s been such a dream.”

“It hasn’t been easy,” he went on to say. “It never is when you pick up a new sport after 12 years, but pursuing it has been so fun.”

Tim has a different perspective than many people today. While many folks would allow fear of failure keep them from pursuing their dreams, Tim embraces the challenge. He says that the journey is more important than the destination.

“People think it’s all about the destination, and it’s not. Life is not just about the destination, it’s the journey. A lot of people want to ‘hashtag’ that, but why not just live it? What if you enjoyed every day? What if you enjoyed the moments? Even the long bus rides in high-A or double-A, you still enjoy those moments, you make the most out of it.”

When asked about the fear in “taking that first step” in chasing one’s dream, Tim acknowledged that people might be afraid, but that they should use that fear to motivate themselves.

“Fear can lead us in the right direction, but it can’t make decisions for us,” he said. “We have to let our faith make decisions for us.”

“Fear says ‘what if I don’t make it? What if I get criticized? What if I fall on my face?’… You probably will at some point, but that’s okay, at least 50 years from now looking back you can say ‘I lived it. I pursued it. I had a life full of passion, rather than a life full of regret.”

How great is it that Tebow continues to use his spotlight to inspire others? While many athletes choose to use their voices to criticize, or create controversy, Tebow uses his popularity to lift people up. He doesn