NFL Star Drops to Knees in Prayer, Shows Other Players The Only Reason You “Take A Knee”

The NFL has been a subject of controversy for a few years now due to players protesting during the playing of the National Anthem, but one superstar has been caught kneeling for a completely different reason.

New York Giants’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Junior had his 2017 season derailed after suffering a terrible injury. In October of last year the league’s now highest paid receiver broke his ankle, and was sidelined for the remainder of the year.

Since then he has signed a record contract, as well as done something that doesn’t get a lot of press: he was baptized.

While visiting Jerusalem over the summer, OBJ was baptized, and, in his own words, has a “fresh start.” He then went on to sign he most lucrative contract ever for a wide receiver, inking a deal worth a guaranteed $65 million. God is definitely good.

Most media outlets want to talk about players kneeling in protest, but few, if any, focus on those who are kneeling in prayer. Such was the case with Beckham Jr. took the field last Sunday in the season opener.

Before the game began, OBJ was sure to give God the glory. He didn’t ask Him for anything when doing so. Instead, he just said “thank you” to the Lord for giving him the chance to play the game he loves.

“Lord, I come to you at this time… not to ask you for anything… but just to say Thank You,” he said in a post on his Instagram.

“Mind. Body. Soul. Spirit. God I can’t thank u enough for completely puttin me back together and givin me another opportunity. It’s OUR time.”

God bless this young man for daring to be outspoken with his faith. The Lord blesses those who share His word. Although I’m no fan of the Giants, I’m going to be rooting extra hard for OBJ!