NFL Asks Trump For Interview Before Super Bowl, He Drops Bomb On “Disrespectful” League

It’s been a tradition for years that a President participate in an interview before the Super Bowl. In time honored tradition President Trump was invited to take part.

It only took the President moments to respond and he drops a bomb on them. A spokesman for Trump said he will not be doing the interview.

“There are no plans for POTUS to do the traditional Super Bowl interview this year.”

After everything that has gone down between Trump and the NFL this season it’s no surprise that he denied to take part. No specific reason was given so it’s fairly open to interpretation, but I think we all know why he decided not to take part in this interview.

Speculators think it may be that the game will be broadcast by NBC, a network Trump has repeatedly call “fake news”. Last year Trump did the interview with Bill O’Reilly so it’s fair to say this speculation is accurate.

Let be real here. The NFL has been very disrespectful not only to President Trump, but also to our Troops and our country. I think he has made the right decision, do you?