Miami Dolphins Announce Harsh Punishment For Any Player Who Protests National Anthem

Last year was one of the most controversial seasons on record for the NFL. More players than ever decided to “take a knee” to protest the National Anthem and caused the world to watch in wonder.

Many people stopped watching the games in a counter protest and ratings dropped like rocks. After the last season teams began to have conversations on a way to stop the politicization of America’s game and move forward with going back to what it was meant for. Pure entertainment and sport.

Miami Dolphins player take a knee during the National anthem.

In May the NFL began a “No kneeling” policy. ESPN had the report.

“The new policy subjects teams to a fine if a player or any other team personnel do not show respect for the anthem. That includes any attempt to sit or kneel, as dozens of players have done during the past two seasons. Those teams will also have the option to fine any team personnel, including players, for the infraction.”

The Miami dolphins did not think that was enough and put down a plan of action if players decide to kneel despite the NFL’s new rule.

On Thursday afternoon it was reported by the Associated Press that the NFL’s Miami Dolphins would suspend or fine players who protest during the national anthem. They elaborated that they would even do both if it seemed fitting at the moment to send a message. Play or be removed.

Let’s hope we can get back to making this game great again. Politics belong off the field. Protest on your own time, not during game time. I pay to see you perform and entertain, not take a knee.