Little Garrett Sings “The National Anthem”, And It’s The Most Adorable Performance Ever

The National Anthem is performed at every game as a moment for all of us to come together despite our differences. We also do it to show respect for our country and those who serve to defend it.

Over the past couple of years it’s gone from a joyous moment of pride, to something we argue and fight about daily in the Facebook comments when player in the NFL take a knee.

With unity in the country at an all-time low, it’s wonderful to see moments like the one you are about to witness.

The son of two Boston Police Officers was filmed while singing The National Anthem with Officer Kim Tavares of the Boston Police Department. The post went viral and currently has over 5 millions views on Facebook.

Little Garrett sings The National Anthem in Boston, MA.

The comment section was a great place to go as well as they were full of positivity for the young boy.

Comments from the post that went Viral!

Watch the moment that America can’t stop talking about!



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