ESPN Reporter Deletes “Race Baiting” Tweet Defending Myles Garrett

Remember when sports commentators talked about… sports?

SportsCenter was a collection of highlights, and a couple of “boo-yah”s, but aside from that, you got what you got. Scores, stats, and analysis of the game. Color was hardly an issue of significance.

That was then, this is now.

On Thursday night, the Cleveland Browns were playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game that few people watched, because both teams suck. That might have been good news… If this were 1976. Unfortunately, thanks to modern technology, the whole world was able to see what transpired, and what might ultimately lead to one player being kicked out of the NFL:

What you see in the video above is All-Pro defensive end Myles Garrett ripping the helmet off of Quarterback Mason Rudolph, and proceeding to use that helmet as a club against Rudolph’s skull…

Earlier in the play, Garrett tackles Rudolph as he throws the ball, as is prone to happen in football. Typically the defensive player gets up, and moves on to the next play. That’s not what happened.

ESPN’s Josina Anderson thought that it would be smart to weigh in on why Garrett may have done what he did… and it wasn’t exactly enlightening:

Wow, that’s some fine victim blaming right there, lady. I wonder why she thought Rudolph did something to provoke Garrett…

She quickly deleted the tweet, but not before hundreds of screenshots were taken. Now, twitter is letting her have it: