Dallas Cowboys Are The Surprise Of Sunday With Their Response To “Take A Knee”

More than 200 players in the league decided to take a knee or stay seated during the national anthem 1 week ago. Today the Dallas Cowboys made every fan in the stadium cheer after a long week of National Anthem protests.

When the Anthem played the entire Dallas Cowboys lineup stood for the Anthem and put their hands over their hearts.

Way to go Boys!

Last week the Cowboys took a knee just before the anthem but then got right back up when it began. Dez Bryant was asked why they did that and their plans for Sunday. He responded.

“We’re going to continue to stand (this season) and put our hand over our heart. Y’all know what that was (last Monday), that was just a response to Trump. That’s all that was.”

Keep on standing for the National Anthem boys! We’ll continue to support you.

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