Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Sing ‘The National Anthem” And Bring The House Down

When people think of the Dallas Cowboys they think of the players, Jerry Jones, and the iconic cheerleaders.

While most people assume those girls are just eye candy, they should know that they are more than just pretty young women dancing on sidelines of football games.

This was evident when three of them stepped up, and sang the Star Spangled Banner prior to a boxing match at AT&T Stadium.

The year was 2010, long before the National Anthem was a point of political debate. In those days, people stood up, placed their hands over their hearts, and thought about why we sing that song.

For two minutes, we were all unified. Black, white, brown, yellow, gay, straight, none of that mattered. We we all Americans, and there was pride in that.

We need to get back to having that pride. The pride of being a part of an incredible country that allows us to live freely.