Atlanta Falcons Are The Surprise Of The Night With Their Response To “Take A Knee”

Tonight the NFL kicked of the start of 2018’s football season. The Atlanta Falcons face off with the Philadelphia Eagles in a game that is sure to be entertaining.

One thing on everyones mind was how the players would react when the National Anthem started playing. This controversy has continued for far too long and fans just want to watch a game again.

We got what we were praying for when all of the Falcons players stayed standing for our National Anthem performed by Boyz 2 Men.

Falcons players stand for National Anthem.

Not only did the players on the Falcons stand but so did everyone in the stadium. And the end was all lit up with fireworks. A powerful display that made the moment and America great again.

Lets all hope this NFL season is full of incredible moments, and leave the controversy off the field.