Army-Navy’s Powerful Rendition of National Anthem Puts Every Kneeling NFL Player To Shame

On its 118th anniversary of the Army-Navy the two teams met in Philadelphia in a tradition the we all know and love. With NFL players to this day still taking a knee in protest, many wondered what this game would be like.

In a beautiful moment that America should be proud of, the choirs of the Annapolis and West Point academies joined together to sing the national anthem on a snowy field. And it was incredible.

You won’t see anyone kneeling here!

The view of the stadium was incredible with every single person showing the respect our heroes deserve.

Watch and listen to this.

If the NFL wants to stay relevant they need to sort out this issue with the National Anthem. If they don’t I fear that ratings will continue to slide.

At least we still have Baseball and Hockey players standing in respect for those who serve this wonderful nation! I’ll just watch those this year.