After Disgraceful “Take A Knee” During NFL Game, Jaguars Finally Respond To U.S. Military

The news cycle was dominated a few weeks ago by NFL players protesting police brutality and race relations by ‘Taking a knee’ during the National Anthem.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were one of the first teams to protest together, and it seems they’ve had a change of heart. They couldn’t possibly have conceived the vast amounts of negative feedback they received for protesting in that manner.

Jaguars President Mark Lamping wrote a letter to local military leaders in which he apologized for the team’s actions and the negative effect it ended up having.

He writes the team was,

“remiss in not fully comprehending the effect of the national anthem demonstration on foreign soil has had on the men and women who have or continue to serve our country.”

The team was one of the first to lock arms and take a knee, which just added a layer of negative solidarity in how the protest was received by the public.

The letter was addressed to Bill Spann, the Director of Jacksonville’s military affairs and veterans department,

“This was an oversight and certainly not intended to send a message that would disparage you, our flag or our nation,”

The interesting thing is that this was a private letter originally dated October 6th, but the email just happened to appear in Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry’s inbox this past Monday. Someone wanted it known that the Jaguar’s are having a change of heart.

Lamping continued with his apology,

“The notion never entered the minds of our players or anyone affiliated with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but today we can understand how the events in London on September 24 could have been viewed or misinterpreted,”

“We owe you an apology and hope you will accept it.”

Mayor Curry was a vocal critic of the protest,

“I stand and cover my heart for the pledge and the anthem. I think it’s stupid to do otherwise. The U.S. Constitution protects the right for a lot of people to do a lot of stupid things. I am a Constitutional Conservative, so I respect the wisdom of our Founders.”

Will the apology help the Jaguars regain public favor? Likely so. Everyone wants to get along, and everyone wants to love and support football again.