7-Year-Old Takes The Mic And Begins To Sing, Crowd Is Absolutely Stunned

She’s been called, “Tiny but mighty,” and she just delivered one of THE greatest renditions of the national anthem ever!

Her name is, Malea Emma, and she has completely won over the internet with her rendition of the national anthem at a recent LA Galaxy soccer game.

You may be tempted to think that you can skip over a child singing the song, but then you’d b sorely mistaken. Malea commands your attention, like a veteran performer.

Malea won a contest she had entered for the opportunity. Her parents posted a video of her reacting to her winning, and we gotta say, that’s pretty sweet as well!

When it comes to performance, Malea really knows how to put on a performance everyone will remember.

Especially when it comes to the finale.

It’s obvious this isn’t her first time to sing in front of a crowd. She’s recently played the character of Molly, in the play Annie. She won that roll as well by submitting a video.

It’s great to see someone getting the ability to perform and live out their dreams so early in life!

Here’s the full video of her singing at the LA Galaxy game.