With A Single Tweet On Election Night, Melania Trump Sets the Internet On Fire

Election night is here and your Facebook feed is probably flooded with opinions and “I Voted” stickers right now. This seems to be one of the most heated races of the past few years and no matter what side you are on, everyone thinks they are right. Especially in Texas where Beto and Ted Cruz have been in an epic battle.

Melania Trump has not sent a Tweet since she shared President Trump’s post from November 1st. He shared a video with the title, “Together, we are Making America Safe and Great Again”.

That video got over 1.5 million views in just a few days.

Now that the day to vote is here, Melania decided it was time to send her own Tweet, and it’s going viral.

Tonight our First Lady Melania Trump sent the following Tweet urging Americans to “Vote GOP”.

Her post received over 70,000 “likes” and 19,000 retweets in just a few hours.

Let’s see how this shakes out as the night goes on.