When They Didn’t Make Time To Sing The National Anthem, Trump’s Response Left The Whole Stadium Cheering

Like many Americans, I figured this whole “kneeling” fad would die out, and athletes would find more constructive ways to help further their agendas without disrespecting America.

Sadly, there are still plenty of our fellow citizens who choose to bring attention to themselves during what traditionally is understood to be a time of unity.

When the president addresses the feelings of his constituents, the media uses it as a chance to divide our country by saying that Trump hates the other side, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is, our president loves America in a way that few of his predecessors can compare.

While the main-stream media has no problem playing footage of the Access Hollywood incident, they seem reluctant to air coverage that puts Trump in a positive light.

On the issue of “kneeling”, there are many pundits who view it as a race issue. Those who think that feel as though the president only spoke out against the disrespecting of our anthem because the majority of players are black.

Why is it that that people are so quick to rush to judging, and assuming the worst in others?

One need not look far into the past to see just how important the president feels the anthem is. Before he was even president, Trump’s patriotism had been on display time and time again. Why do you think the older generation knew how much better he is for America than Hillary could ever be?

Last year the support for Trump was evident. Campaign rallies seemed more like sporting events, with arenas selling out just to hear a candidate speak. At one stop, Trump was told that, due to time constraints, the national anthem would not be played before he spoke.

“They all said we have a great crowd, and we don’t have time for the national anthem,” he told the crowd. “I said yes we do. We have time for the national anthem.”

As the crowd erupted, Trump asked the young woman who was supposed to sing to join him on the stage, and sing for the crowd.

The president definitely has his flaws, as we all do, but his patriotism is not one of them. Like many Americans, the president does not like seeing fellow countrymen disrespect the symbol of OUR nation. The color of the person kneeling doesn’t matter. The fact that those individuals choose to disrespect a country, while simultaneously calling for others to be better is mind-numbingly frustrating for a huge portion of the population.

We all want to make our country a great place. Instead of using a platform to further divide us, perhaps these athletes could try to make the world a kinder, respectful, more understanding place.