What Donald Trump Jr. Just Released Will Rewrite The Election For Good

One of the criticisms of President Trump is that he tweets way too much. While there have been plenty of instances that would make his supporters want to cringe and hit the delete button, there is one Trump who fully understands and leverages his social media presence to the max.

Donald Trump Jr. is absolutely savage when it comes to roasting critics and shutting down internet cool kids who think they’re going to troll him or put one over on him. Donald Trump Jr. is completely different on social media and he does it with the ease and bravado of a seasoned insult comic.

During the election there were all sorts of rumors swirling on the internet about Russian involvement, and what’s really hidden in the Podesta emails. Trump Jr. just released a series of Direct Messages between himself and Wikileaks staff of all people. It gives a brand new perspective as to what was actually happening behind the scenes amidst all the craziness that was the 2016 election.

The content is a mix of Wikileaks trying its best to get the Trump campaign to run with ‘THEIR’ talking points, to Wikileaks actually asking that Julian Assange be made ambassador to Australia, should Trump be elected.

Guess Trump didn’t care for that suggestion.

The series of messages shows just how candid Wikileaks was and is when it comes to approaching people who can help with their cause.

Trump Jr. handled it like a champ, and releasing all of the DM’s silences his critics once again.