Trump Stops Speech When Woman Faints At Rally, His Reaction Set The Internet On Fire

President Trump was right in the middle of his speech during Thursday nights rally in Pennsylvania. About 40 or so minutes in Trump was talking about NATO and how they got billions of dollars from the organization in just a few days.

If you watch closely at his eyes you can see that he suddenly gets distracted looking down at something.

Turns out Trump had spotted a woman fainting and his attention immediately focused on the woman having a medical issue. He instantly stops the speech and what he did next had the entire crown on their feet and cheering.

Trump stopped his speech immediately, and said, “Are you okay? You okay? Are they okay? You’re all right?” He motioned for medical team to come and help saying “We got to stick with those people — they’ve been here for many hours, thank you, darling. Thank you.”

Once it looked like the situation was under control and the woman was leaving with medics, Trump made a deal with her.

“If you want to come back after you get a little bit better, come back. Bring her back. Make sure she gets better, we will bring her up here. Beautiful.”

The audience then stood up and cheered! Watch the awesome moment below.