Trump Explodes With These 5 Monday Morning Tweets, The Swamp Will Be Drained

One of the main reasons why Trump was elected is because he refuses to play Washington games.

Up until his inauguration there was a long standing tradition of former Presidents gracefully stepping out of the limelight and allowing the President to do the best job he can. Not so with President Trump.

Obama came out roaring against Trump in two separate speeches last week. Obama feels the liberty to do this because Trump is not a politician. He does not belong to the Washington in-crowd, and he makes no pretense about sucking up to be let in either.

In classic Trump form, he took to Twitter to set the record straight about Obama’s claims, and a few other things that have been on his mind.

Obama claimed credit for Trump’s economic success. Which should tell you a couple of things: The economy really is good despite what liberals want you to think. And if the economy was bad, Obama wouldn’t be taking credit for it.

Let that sink in.

Two years into Trump’s presidency, his policies, and his tax cuts, and Obama wants to swoop in for the credit.

Trump tweets,

And this one just seals it.

He also took on the new Bob Woodward book.

People like to criticize Trump because he tweets so much, and appears to be easily triggered, but if the media would represent him honestly, or half as good as they have previous Presidents he wouldn’t have the need to speak out like he does.

He tweets his own thoughts and numbers because he knows the media will misrepresent him. He also enjoys getting the left all hot and bothered by every thing he does, and has no problem playing into that for them, it definitely seems that he is not adversely affected by negative news.