Nancy Pelosi Has Epic Meltdown When Asked About Fellow Democrats’ Sexual Harassment Allegations

While democrats claim to be the champions of women, they seem to have a hard time condemning their own when allegations of inappropriate behavior arise.

When Roy Moore was accused of dating, and stalking underage girls, the left came flying in demanding that Moore back out of the Alabama senate race.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, people like Nancy Pelosi are calling for “due process” to unfold, as opposed to simply believing accusations.

On this week’s “Meet the Press” with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Pelosi was quick to defend her fellow democrats who have been caught up in recent sexual scandals. Most notably, senator John Conyers, who has just stepped down as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.

“John Conyers is an icon,” Pelosi said of the man facing resignation amidst sexual harassment claims. “Just because someone is accused… (incoherent babble) How many accusers are there?”

Aside from Nancy’s apparent stroke on live TV, the minority speaker seemed pretty eager to defend her colleague, simply because they share the same party. She then goes on to say that Conyers has “done a lot for women”, such as pushing the Violence Against Women Act through congress. Coincidentally, Conyers is under fire for terminating an employee because she would not sleep with him. How’s that for defending women?

When pushed as to whether or not Conyers should be forced to resign completely, Pelosi said that is a “decision for the ethics committee” to make.

Todd continued to go after Nancy over the issue of congress using tax-payer money to settle lawsuits for harassment against its members, asking if there would be more transparency moving forward.

“Not necessarily,” she said. “Sometimes the victim does not want that to happen.”

After spending the vast majority of the time on defense, Pelosi became upset that she was unable to talk about the republican tax plan, and began spouting off at the show’s host.

“You have fallen into the place,” Pelosi told Todd before once again speaking her native tongue of nonsense. “They are doing something that’s going to increase the debt enormously, it’s going to be a job killer, and it’s going to raise taxes on the middle class.”

She then goes on to say that all of the talk about sexual misconduct is just a “cover” for republicans to pass their bill. No offense, Nancy, but I don’t think republicans forced people like Conyers, or Al Franken to mistreat women. They did that on their own, and now you have to live with being associated with them.

Like most people who think the way Pelosi does, there seems to be a double-standard when it comes to keeping lawmakers held accountable. If you are going to condemn republicans for supporting a candidate up to his eyeballs in allegations, then you have to be consistent when the same thing happens to those who are already in congress.

Of course, when it comes to politics, the only thing that matters is how a person votes. Pelosi couldn’t care less about the cases of Conyers, Franken, and the rest. All she cares about is whether or not they will vote with her on the issues she cares about.

Clearly, protecting women is not one of those things.