NAACP Releases Anti-Brett Kavanaugh Ad, Singer John Legend Goes On Rant That’s Full Of Lies

It seems the Kavanaugh drama knows no limits.

The NAACP has thrown its hat into the ring to maximize the political digs, and they’ve tapped none other than singer, John Legend to be the face of their new ad.

He’s urging the American people to urge their senators to vote no in the Kavanaugh confirmation, because apparently Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court will be the end of Western civilization.

You and I of course have no direct impact on his confirmation, but supposedly we can yell loud enough to sway our representatives.

It’s another fear campaign from the left rooted in deep Trump derangement Syndrome. The same fears arose when then President Bush nominated John Roberts, who eventually was confirmed himself. Justice Roberts has turned out not to be so conservative after all.

The Democrats are making a mockery of the confirmation process by dragging it out as long as possible. He would be opposed regardless, but the left would oppose anyone nominated by Trump, and their capitalizing on the current #MeToo climate in the country to their benefit.

The NAACP released in a statement,

“These allegations underscore the costs of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s failure to thoroughly and impartially vet Kavanaugh’s entire record and background,” the NAACP exclaimed in a press release. “Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote should be postponed until these allegations can be thoroughly investigated. His record on civil rights alone is enough to demand that, if Kavanaugh’s nomination is ever brought to a vote, Senators must vote no.”

Hopefully sanity will be regained.