Megyn Kelly Defends Kavanaugh, Blows Apart Accuser’s Story With Hard-Hitting Reality Check

NBC’s Megyn Kelly took on a panel of guests, all from NBC News, who defended the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford.

Like most defenders of Ford, the guests all stated that an FBI investigation needed to take place before Ford should testify. This caused Kelly to inform the guests on how the law works, and it was beautiful.

“She’s not in charge of the U.S. senate,” Kelly said to the shock of her guests.

While they work for a news organization, it would appear they know little as to how things work in the real world. People don’t get to say “FBI, do this,” and it gets done. There’s a process. A big part of that process is not waiting over 30 years to bring up a crime.

“This has become a partisan fight; like all the Supreme Court nominations do,” Kelly says.

One of the guests, New York Times contributor Megan Twohey, said that “we’re seeing the terrible ramifications of” what happened to Anita Hill. For those who don’t remember, Hill accused Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation process. She was so disturbed by Thomas, that she continued with him at his next job.

I don’t know about you, but if someone was sexually harassing me, I don’t think I’d ask to keep working with them when they moved to another job. Maybe that’s just me.

“I think Dianne Feinstein bears a lot of the blame here,” Kelly said, echoing the sentiments of Americans capable of critical thinking. “This woman found a way to come forward, and Dianne Feinstein buried it.”

Here Kelly refers to the fact that Feinstein, the Democratic Senator, waited eight weeks after finding out about the allegations against Kavanaugh to bring them up.

“Why wouldn’t Dianne Feinstein say, at least anonymously to Brett Kavanaugh when she met with him one-on-one, ‘I’ve received a serious allegation, I need to raise it with you’?”

We all know why Feinstein didn’t bring this up before. She wanted to find the best way to delay confirmation, and when nothing else works, bring up sexual assault allegations.

MSNBC legal analyst Dan Goldman explained that Feinstein didn’t bring it up earlier “because the woman didn’t want to come forward.”

“She didn’t have to name her, Dan,” Kelly said, as though Goldman had never given that any thought. “She didn’t have to name her”

Goldman tried to reword his position, but ultimately ended up saying the exact same thing: “I think, and I may be wrong about this, I think that part of the conditions of her coming forward to anonymously tell Feinstein is that she didn’t want to be brought up and brought through the wringer that she is going through now.”

Earth to Dan Goldman: Feinstein didn’t have to bring up Ford’s name in order to question Kavanaugh about it.

Kelly then said “Dan, think of what you’re saying. Think of what you’re saying.”

Kelly broke down the argument in a way that Goldman, and the others, would understand. “I just want to let you know that I’ve been harassed,” Kelly said, pretending to be Ford. “You can never mention it to anybody; you can’t mention my name, you can’t mention it anonymously.”

“That’s clearly not what Christine Ford wanted.”

Clearly, otherwise, why would she have written the letter? If she didn’t want these allegations brought to light, why would she have brought them up?

NBC’s Stephanie Gosk made the brilliant observation that the “biggest problem is that it leaked. Her name leaked.”

Wow, what insight! I wonder who leaked Ford’s name… Oh that’s right, the Democrats! All in the name of politics. So much for caring about women.

Gosk and Twohey pushed for the FBI to investigate Ford’s claims once again, but Kelly reminded them that the FBI works on criminal charges… Ford hasn’t charged Kavanaugh with anything. I wonder why that is.

“This is not about a criminal investigation,” Kelly said. “It’s about the Senate’s duty to advise and consent. They’re in charge of what would help them make that recommendation.”

“The point is, she at this point is refusing to testify at all unless she gets to dictate the process.”