Donald Trump Jr. Mock’s Dr. Ford’s Answers About Her Fear Of Flying

We are hours into Christine Blasey Ford’s hearing, and already there are a few things that don’t add up about her account.

Specifically, Ford’s supposed fear of flying in relation to her traumatic experience. Reports stated that Ford couldn’t be expected to testify Monday due to this alleged fear.

During a round of questioning, Rachell Mitchell, the attorney questioning on behalf of Senate Republicans, brought up the subject of travelling by plane, and noticed that Ford actually flew quite frequently.

“How did you get to Washington D.C.?” Mitchell asked.

“By an airplane,” Ford said.

Mitchell then went on to ask about reports in regards to Ford refusing to testify due to her fear of planes.

“I was hoping they’d come to me,” Ford said in response. “But then I realized that was an unrealistic request.”

Ford went on to say that she was “hoping to avoid getting on an airplane,” but that she was “able to get up some gumption, with the help of some friends” and she found a way to conquer her fear.

This wasn’t the first time Ford has conquered her fear of flying. Less than two months ago she overcame her fears, and flew from her home in California to visit family in Delaware.

Mitchell then made the observation that Ford flies “quite frequently” for her work and hobbies, one of which includes travelling.

“You list the following interests of surf travel, and you put in parenthesis Hawaii, Costa Rica, South Pacific Islands, and French Polynesia,” Mitchell said. “Have you been to all of those places?”

“Correct,” Ford says.

“By airplane?” Mitchell follows up.


CNN was quick to dismiss this line of questioning, claiming it has nothing to do with her credibility. They’d be correct, if only Ford hadn’t made her fear of flying a reason to not have the hearing earlier. The fact that her fear was used to justify the delay make Mitchell’s questions extremely relevant.

One person who saw the absurdity of Ford’s “selective fear of flying” was the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. After Ford was questioned, Jr. noticed that Kavanaugh’s accuser seems to have no problem flying to Hawaii, or Costa Rica, or Tahiti, but when it comes to flying for a testimony, suddenly she has a fear of planes.

Another thing many on the left are doing is using the phrase “this is a job interview”. The reason for this rhetoric is to hammer home the idea that “innocent until proven guilty” only applies to criminal cases. Since no criminal charges exist, Democrats have to justify why they side with Ford in spite of ZERO EVIDENCE existing.

By stating this isn’t a criminal case, Democrats feel justified in presuming someone’s guilt with little to back up their beliefs. The “he said” “she said” games are going to continue, so get ready to sit back and be told what to think.