Joy Behar Stirs Nationwide Outrage In Viral Rant About Trump Living “20 More Years”

Joy Behar is no stranger to controversy, but wishing for someone’s death is even low for her.

Earlier this year the host of ‘The View’ apologized for stating that Mike Pence’s faith was a mental illness. Now, she’s come under fire for hoping that president Trump won’t “live another 20 years”.

During a segment on her show, Behar couldn’t help but discuss Trump’s reaction to the new book “Fear” by Bob Woodward, which is supposedly about what’s going on in the White House.

“Bob Woodward’s book ‘Fear,’ the main thing he comes away with is the guy [Trump] is incapable of telling the truth,” she said. “This is a lie, everything is a lie every single day. And his administration, people who work with him, they cannot reason with him. He never backtracks, he never says, ‘Okay, I’m changing my mind.’ Hey show him the facts, he disputes it, he lies. He’s a sociopath, I’m telling you.”

“This man will never apologize,” she continues. “If he lives another 20 years, God forbid — no.”

While a normal, sane person would apologize for saying such a nasty thing, Behar takes the absurd route, stating that her wanting Trump dead is actually a gift, because he is already is SO OLD. “If he lives another 20 years, he could live to 105!”

For those of you who can’t do math, Trump is 72 years old. In 20 years, he would be 92 (not 105). Maybe Joy needs to stop smoking whatever it is she’s on.

Once the show came back from a commercial break, Behar felt like she had to once again defend what she said, however “I’m sorry” never came out of her mouth.

“I don’t wish the president ill, I really don’t. I just want him out. I mean sometimes I hear him say things like, I could be president for life and it’s like, no! It’s really about that. I would never say something — I didn’t mean that, what I said.”

God forbid Joy Behar is still on television 20 years (hell, even 20 days) from now. The woman is absolutely insane.