Trump Ignites A Firestorm, There’s Nowhere The Media Can Hide After What Just Happened

It’s no secret that President Trump is in a daily battle with the media. If they didn’t spend so much time attacking him and creating lies he would have more time to you know… be President and do his job.

The past few days have been no exception. Between trashing him on MLK day to the lies about DACA, it seems like he just has to be on the defensive. Well this time Trump is starting to play offense by taking them down and exposing these lies.

Yesterday Trump started by Tweeting about Senator Dicky Durbin’s lie during the DACA meeting.

Senator Dicky Durbin totally misrepresented what was said at the DACA meeting. Deals can’t get made when there is no trust! Durbin blew DACA and is hurting our Military.

He’s right. Every time Trump gets in the room the left does all they can to sabotage the progress of this country. They only care about their agenda and not the American people.

These lies about his “sh*thole” comment have been backed up by several others in the room including Tom Cotton in the following statement.

““In regards to Senator Durbin’s accusation, we do not recall the President saying these comments specifically but what he did call out was the imbalance in our current immigration system, which does not protect American workers and our national interest.”

Trump then makes sure he calls out how the media will not focus on the positive impact and how our economy has exploded in growth under his administration.

He then fiinally call out how much negativity the media shows us and lies about on a daily basis.

He’s right. If the media focused on what really matters and start sharing the good news for once, America would be better off. Maybe they should just call it quits. for now. I’ll get my facts from my own research… and not CNN.



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