Chuck Schumer Honored Illegals And Shamed Veterans, Watch Charlie Daniels Set Him Straight

Charlie Daniels does not ever plan to run for office, but he sure has a strong conviction for America and politicians showing respect for our Veterans.

Schumer seems to stand up more for Illegal immigrants than he does for our Veterans. Daniels had to call him out.

“Senator Schumer, one time, just one time i’d love to hear you speak about the men and women who bled and died for you with as much compassion as you speak about illegals in this country.”

He continued;

“Veterans are committing suicide at the rate of 22 a day, and they’re already citizens. Shameful.”

The country singer has been a long time supporter of Veterans and Tweets about them almost daily to bring more awareness.

“It is something that should not be happening and something that has not been addressed by our government or adequately at all,” Daniels told Fox News back in July 2017. “This is horrible and I know something can be done.”



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