Pelosi Is Torn Up Over All The Wins In Trump’s SOTU Address

Politics in Washington can definitely be a he said she said, tit for tat dynamic. You’d think that grown adults would be beyond playground behavior, but they’re not. Which is also why politics is so interesting to watch anyways.

Last night at President Trump’s State of the Union Address the snubbing began early. As Trump handed transcripts of his speech to Vice President Pence, and Speaker Pelosi, it appeared that she was going for a handshake with the President, to which he flatly ignored.

Trump delivered his greatest State of the Union speech yet, and you could just tell that Pelosi was having an internal meltdown having to listen to all of Trump’s winning.

The hilarity of the situation is that Pelosi has tried to ruin Trump’s Presidency since the night he was elected, and he continues to rise above every obstacle unscathed and even stronger.

Trump famously said that his team was going to win so much during his Presidency that people are going to get tired of winning.

We’re not tired yet of all the wins, Mr. President, but Nancy sure is.