There’s A Pant Suit Shaped Shadow Hanging Over The Iowa Debacle

A computer glitch took down the Democratic party in Iowa, and no one is wanting to take the blame, but a certain luminary figure has come back into play unexpectedly.

Despite the blame game, a consulting firm named, “SHADOW,” and a Democratic non-profit group literally named, “ACRONYM,” are catching all the heat. The interesting thing about these two groups, is that their founders are also for employees of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

Dems in Iowa are blaming an app for the lack of official results and inconsistencies that sent the Democratic party into a tailspin, which hilariously allowed all the candidates to declare victory.

The Iowa Democratic party released a statement Tuesday morning,

“While our plan is to release results as soon as possible today, our ultimate goal is to ensure that the integrity and accuracy of the process continues to be upheld,”

The app was reportedly built for $60,000 and was designed to simply tabulate all the results from Iowas state wide voting. An easy enough task for only crunching data, the catch is that they never tested the app! And they never allowed Homeland Security to go through to find potential weaknesses.

Here’s where it gets mirky,

SHADOW co founders, Gerard Niemira and Krista Davis, were also a part of Hillary Clinton’s tech team during her failed 2016 Presidential bid, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

ACRONYM tried to mitigate the disaster of everything by distancing itself from SHADOW, but not before the public found out about its massive conflict of interest. Fellow Democratic candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg was hired by them for a separate project.

The Buttigieg campaign “paid $42,500 to the firm in July 2019 for ‘software rights and subscriptions,’ according to disclosures to the FEC,” per the LA Times.

Buttigieg’s campaign disclosed on Tuesday that they paid SHADOW for “a service used to send text messages to voters.”

Anything beyond this point is purely speculation, other than the optics of the situation does not put the Clinton camp in a positive light. The timing of this debacle is horrible for Hillary Clinton who has recently publicly gone after Bernie Sanders in exclusive interviews.

Sanders was favored to win Iowa. At the time of this article being written, only 62% of the reporting is in for, favoring Buttigieg with 26.9% of the vote, and Sanders with 25.1%

This is still a developing story.