Joe Walsh Drops Out of Republican Race Saying “Any Democrat” Is Better Than Trump

Joe Walsh, who claims to be a Democrat has been mindless enough to think he stands a chance against the winning Trump train.

He hilariously got booed off his platform in Iowa when he told Iowan voters that Trump makes everything about himself.

His money has officially dried up, and he’s throwing in the towel. But not before making some egregious statements.

Joe Walsh went to CNN to whine about how beating Trump is too hard.

“I got into this because I thought it was important there was a Republican out there every day calling out this President for how unfit he is.”

“He can’t be stopped within the Republican Party, nobody can beat him.”

“It’s not a party, it’s a cult.”

“Donald Trump is a dictator, he’s a king.”

“He literally is the greatest threat to this country right now.”

“Any Democrat would be better than Trump in the White House.”


Ok, Joe. Bitter much?

Did you notice, Joe just exposed himself massively here?

He claims to be a Conservative, but in the next breath he says that ANY Democrat would be better than Trump!

So Bernie Sanders would be better than Trump?

Joe Biden would be a better President?

How much do you have to have hate someone to say these things?

President Trump has revitalized the economy, and has been the most pro-life President in the history of our nation.

Democrats are in favor of being able to abort a child right up until the moment of birth.

Are you saying, Joe, that you’re willing to have the blood of innocent unborn children on your hands just to be able to say that Donald Trump is no longer President.

Joe will actually get his wish. In 2024 Joe Walsh will be able to live in a world where Donald Trump is no longer President.