Breaking: 16 States Sue Trump Over Emergency Wall Declaration

As the debate over the Wall, and the actions of President Trump declaring a ‘State of Emergency’ are dramatically heating up more than ever before, things are getting really interesting now. The move allows the president to bypass Congress to use money from the Pentagon and other budgets to be able to fund the border wall.

Now, whether you agree with this move by President Trump or not, he is not the first President to do something like this in order to make things happen.

He also did this and avoided another Government shutdown that was looming around the corner. With Dems like Pelosi, and Cortez constantly mocking the discussion, and making it into a circus act, someone had to do something, and that someone was our President.

As you can imagine, not everyone has been happy about this move, California was the first to speak out about it, and the first to file a lawsuit against Trump and this move. Following California was another 15 states as well. It makes you wonder what their real agenda is, because it’s surely not border security and the safety of those who are down there everyday working to keep it secure.

Even before Trump’s Presidency, other President’s have also spoken up about border security and have contemplated having a wall built as well, and you never saw anyone screaming about that. In fact, many Dems were on board with a border wall, that is until Trump became President.

The states in question with the lawsuit are trying to say that:

“This will cause diversion of military funding to wall-building will hurt their economies and deprive their military bases of needed upgrades. They say taking away funds from counter-drug efforts for the wall will also cause damage. California and New Mexico, the two Mexican border states in the lawsuit, say the wall will harm wildlife.”

Which none of this has been proven at all, and no one has said where the funds are coming from exactly either, it’s all speculation.

Photo Credit: Forbes

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement to press that:
“President Trump is manufacturing a crisis and declaring a made-up ‘national emergency’ in order to seize power and undermine the Constitution. This ’emergency’ is a national disgrace.” Sorry Mr. Newsom but it seems your speculations is also manufactured sir.

I for one can’t wait to see how all this unfolds. We are behind you Mr. President, and we support those men and women down at the border who fight everyday to keep us all safe.