All Grown Up: Barron Trump Is A Giant, Towers Over Dad In New Photos

Here I am just writing away, when my brother sends me a text.

“What are they feeding the kid?” he asks, including a picture of what appears to be a giant version of President Trump’s youngest son, Barron.

Based on the picture, Barron appears to be almost seven feet tall. Knowing that Barron isn’t even 14 yet, I had to make sure this picture wasn’t photoshopped.

The picture checks out. Barron Trump really is that tall.

The Washington Examiner writes:

Barron, according to Inside Trump’s White House, being released tomorrow, “rules the grandkids” as the favorite uncle.

The big reveal in historian Doug Wead’s book, provided to Secrets, comes from half brother Donald Trump Jr., who described the first few days of the Trump presidency and the family’s experience of their first two nights inside the White House in 2017.

On the second night, Jan. 21, after a day of celebration, the White House staff filled a State Dining Room table with burgers and chicken fingers, Trump recalled. The adults couldn’t resist and joined their children in a mini-feast.

Wead wrote, “The children didn’t stay in the dining room long. They were soon scattered throughout the State Floor in a rousing game of White House hide-and-go-seek with Uncle Barron as the supervisor. ‘The kids all love Barron,’ Don Jr. explains. ‘He rules the grandkids.’’

Of course he rules the grandkids. He’s essentially one of them, and he’s a giant. Little kids gravitate towards giant people. Maybe there’s an element of security there, or maybe they just like tall people.

Either way, I need to know what this kid has been eating, because he might be on his way to a fine career as a power forward.