After Defending Kavanaugh, Democrats Attacked Lindsey Graham In A Disgusting Manner

The Supreme Court nomination process has taken an ugly turn as ranking members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have had their personal information leaked online.

Senators are no strangers to being bombarded by constituents, but there’s something quite disturbing about revealing their home addresses to a mob of people who wish to do harm to them and their family.

That’s what happened following the hearing’s of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Hours after the hearing someone decided that they would give out the personal information of Senators Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, and Mike Lee.

Why would someone do this? Do they want people to send the senators flowers? No. The reason they were “doxxed” is so the leftist mob can go after them.

We’ve already seen how Democrats like Maxine Waters feel about going after political opponents. The California representative has called for, on numerous occasions, people harassing those they disagree with.

Earlier this week Ted Cruz, another member of the committee, was harassed while out at dinner with his wife. The man was just sitting there, enjoying a meal, when all of a sudden a mob of (most likely unemployed) crazy leftists came in screaming about Kavanaugh, Beto, and whatever else was making them angry.

Is this the new strategy of the left? You can’t come up with ideas for people to get behind, so instead you choose to set up camp in front of the homes of those you oppose?

What happened to the days of civil disagreement? It isn’t enough to dislike an idea, so you promote another one. No, those days have long gone. Now, people are out looking for opportunities to attack others, specifically Republicans.

We’ve already seen crazy lefties shoot up a Republican representative baseball practice. We’ve seen Democrat supporters go after members of congress while they are out at dinner, or walking down the street.

Do they not see the absurdity of their actions? These people don’t want to live in a world of civility. They want to harm those who don’t agree with every single thing they believe in.