Navy Admiral Destroys Colin Kaepernick In Powerful Speech Over “Take A Knee”

If you’ve ever wondered exactly why it is that people are so offended that Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players choose to protest during the nation anthem, consider this point.

U.S. Pacific Command Commander Admiral Harry Harris took a swing at Colin Kaepernick’s protest during his speech at a Pearl Harbor anniversary commemoration, as he perfectly frames their anger.

“You can bet, that the men and women we honor today, and those who died that fateful morning seventy-five years ago, never took a knee, and never failed to stand when they heard our national anthem being played.”

It’s one thing to protest what you see as an injustice. It’s another to protest this during the national anthem. It grossly fails to realize the immense sacrifice that was already made under the flag.

The fact that people can’t see past this doesn’t show how insensitive they are to what you’re trying to draw attention to. It shows how little you appreciate the sacrifice that was made before you were even born to afford you the ability to protest so boldly.

The Admiral was standing on hallowed ground where over two thousand Americans lost their lives to an attack from the Japanese. It was the polarizing event that thrust America into World War 2.

When you consider how these ‘take a knee’ protests are positioned against the backdrop of history, it’s absurd that anyone would have the audacity to do it this way.

The Admiral received a standing ovation ten seconds into his speech for his blunt criticism of Kaepernick’s stunt.

Watch the video for yourself below.

Thank you to all the brave men and women who are currently serving our country in the armed forces.