With These Powerful Words, Donald Trump Shreds The Mainstream Media

“Donald Trump is never going to be the president of the United States.”

These words were published in Slate magazine, but the sentiment was shared by the entire democratic base.

In their minds, Donald Trump, the reality television star, did not have a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating Hillary Clinton. Boy, would they be shocked a few weeks later.

“The discussion will now slowly shift to Republican hopes of shoring up down-ballot races and (just wait) the creation of Trump TV,” writer Isaac Chotiner boldly predicted. “But we cannot and should not forget: A couple days ago it was still fathomable that America could have voted into office the biggest threat to the country in decades.”

You know, he’s not completely wrong. America did almost elect the biggest threat to the country in decades, however she ended up losing (thank God). Sure, Trump may not be a saint, but he wasn’t taking money from people like Harvey Weinstein.

“Just look at how ridiculous and gross he is, I heard more than one person say. Today, it might feel inevitable that he would crash and burn, and it was always likely. But it wasn’t a sure thing. We could have elected him.”

Opinion pieces like this give you a little insight into the mind of today’s liberal American. Chotiner wasn’t alone in thinking Hillary had it all sewn up. Go back and watch coverage of election night, and you’ll see a bunch of crazy people crying as though someone had shot their dog. They lost an election, but at that point their candidate had become a part of their identity. Suddenly, they no longer “know it all,” because Trump won.

“We should pause to reflect on the fact that he will not be president and that America and the world have probably avoided a catastrophe of unknown proportions.”

Yeah, the world avoided a disaster when Hillary lost the election. Think about this, Obama had gotten us into war in more countries than Bush ever did, and he won a Nobel Peace Prize. At the rate things were going, Hillary could’ve nuked half the world, and nobody would say a thing about it. At least with Trump we get transparency.

America dodged a bullet by choosing Donald Trump as its president, and every day we see more and more evidence of that. Hopefully those in the media will get over being wrong, and will go back to speaking the truth.