K9 Officer Shares Emotional Prayer With 9-Year-Old Boy Before His Brain Surgery

Police officers in Georgia went to the house of a nine-year old boy, but not for reasons we typically hear about.

The young boy, named Jalen, had recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and was suffering from extreme anxiety leading up to his surgery.

His family had been updating supporters on Facebook, and once the local police department discovered Jalen’s love for German shepherds they decided that they would pay him a visit before his operation.

“Police Officers and K-9 Join Little Boy With Tumor To Pray Before His Brain Surgery. A 9-year-old Georgia boy named Jalen Manns was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May and underwent brain surgery on Friday. Before the tough procedure, he received a special visit from local police officers who prayed with him and brought him gifts.”

A group of police officers showed up to Jalen’s home, and while they were there one of the officers put his hand on the young boy, and began to pray with him.

“Lord, we ask today for your words of encouragement and strength,” the officer prayed. “Lord be with him in the operating room.”

“Lord, God, we know that your touch and your blood can heal him right now.”

According to Jalen’s mother, the visit from the K-9 unit put Jalen at ease before going into his surgery.

Jalen’s surgery went well, and he is expected to make a full recovery. He told his mom that he can’t wait for the day that he gets to hang out with his new friends who gave him comfort when he needs it most.

God bless the officers for visiting Jalen. Obviously prayer works. Praise the Lord for guiding the doctors’ hands during the surgery.