Witness Takes Jab At President Trump In “Apology” For Joke About Barron

Once in a while a simple “I’m sorry,” would be nice, but these people on the left can’t even do that without taking a shot at the president.

During today’s impeachment hearing professor Pamela S. Karlan made a joke about the president naming his son Barron.

“He can name his son Barron. He can’t make him a baron.”

For contextual purposes, the Democrats have decided to run with the narrative that the President is acting like a “king,” and kept bringing it up during the hearing. Even when Melania stood up for her family, folks on the left acted as though only a monarch would dare defend her son.

The kid is 13 years old. He doesn’t need to be dragged through this.

After being called out by the First Lady, Karlan gave an apology, but not without pointing to “the things he’s [Trump} done wrong”.

“I want to apologize for what I said earlier about the president’s son. It was wrong of me to do that. I wish the president would apologize, obviously, for the things that he’s done that’s wrong, but I do regret having said that.”

White House Spokesperson Stephanie Grisham fired back at Karlan as well:

“Classless move by a Democratic “witness”. Prof Karlan uses a teenage boy who has nothing to do with this joke of a hearing (and deserves privacy) as a punchline. And what’s worse, it’s met by laughter in the hearing room. What is being done to this country is no laughing matter.”

With all these partisan hacks being called in to testify, expect these hearings to only get uglier.