When Trump Walked Into The Capitol Building Today, We Saw Something We’ve Never Seen Here Before

A truly unprecedented event took place just now as President Trump and Mitch McConnell were entering the Capitol building on their way to discuss tax reform.

A protester managed to break through security barriers.

He was able to embed himself in the Press Gaggle, and has been identified as the leader of Americans take Action, Ryan Clayton. As soon as Trump was within range, he began shouting at the President and managed to throw a handful of Russian flags at him. Here’s the video.

“Trump is Treason…This is not about tax reform!”

Reporters saw him throw miniature red, white, and blue flags, the colors of Russia’s flag.

Clayton was immediately apprehended, with little to no resistance.

It’s still not clear how, Clayton gained entrance into the Press Gaggle. If Trump is as deeply reviled as it appears, is it unreasonable to think that Clayton didn’t sneak in, but rather was helped in?

Press photographers managed to capture the flags mid air as they flung with all the finesse a leftist could muster,

Other Capitol Hill footage captured Clayton already in place. Here he is standing behind Senator, Bob Corker.