What Might Have Really Happened To Jeffrey Epstein

Finally, America is coming together. Sure, it took the “death” of one of the world’s worst human beings, but people are coming together, saying “this doesn’t smell right.”

If we apply Occam’s Razor, the theory that the simplest answer is the most correct, then the narrative makes sense. Jeffrey Epstein was a risk to himself. He was in a cell by himself. The guard who was supposed to check on him forgot. The security cameras were not on him. He was the most important criminal in the United States in terms of keeping alive, and a host of critical mistakes aligned at just the right time.

That’s definitely a theory, but most Americans are not buying it. At the very least, folks are asking questions like “how could this happen?”, and “who would want him dead?”

All of these are fair questions, and can definitely be answered, although I think they are the wrong questions to ask. Mostly because they’ve already been answered. Last Friday, 2,000 pages were unsealed that revealed many powerful and connected people to have allegedly associated with Epstein.

On this list were Prince Andrew of the Royal Family, and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Epstein has also been linked to Bill Clinton for years, having the former president as a guest on his plane a documented 26 times, according to flight logs. Many believe that President Trump would also benefit from Epstein’s death, citing a 1997 flight from Miami to New York as evidence of a long-term friendship.

That’s the “who”. The “how” is easy. Just blame it on negligence, and call it a day.

American’s have a lot of questions, and rightly so. We live in a time where we demand “pictures, or it isn’t real”, and this case is no exception. Why wouldn’t anyone release a photo of the body? Are they trying to save the man some dignity, because he lost that a long time ago.

Law enforcement, government officials, and the media give conspiracies room to breathe when they leave serious questions unanswered. So far, all we have gotten is AG Barr saying that he’s “mad” about the situation, and that the circumstances surrounding Epstein’s “death” will be investigated.

Maybe the investigation will confirm the story being told. We do a lot of knee-jerk reacting, and jumping to conclusions before all (if any) of the facts are gathered, and sometimes that’s to our detriment. Like most of you, though, I don’t think this adds up.

Timelines are important, and when you’ve worked in publishing and media for a while, you start to pick up on how the game is played. Suddenly, national tragedies and disasters don’t seem so random.

Take for example the week leading up to the mass shootings that once again brought gun-control to the forefront. That was only a couple of weeks ago, but it feels like months. The democrats had just finished their second debate, if we can even call it that. Two nights of democrats fighting one another, and embarrassing themselves in front of a national audience. Couple that with the president’s remarks about Baltimore, and the ensuing discovery of Elijah Cummings’ district “mismanaging” a $16 billion federal grant.

Then, a couple of horrible, terrible, awful people took a bunch of innocent lives. Their political ideology may matter to some, but it doesn’t really matter in terms of the storyline. Although, the fact that so many are concerned with “the Dayton shooter was a leftist!” or “the El Paso shooter is a racist!” does act as another level of distraction. We’ve got millions of people concerned with blaming people who have absolutely nothing to do with these tragedies. Talk about divisive.

Then, on Friday, we had 2,000 unsealed documents that allege numerous powerful people had connections to Jeffrey Epstein. There was some coverage of it, but most of the country was still concerned with gun-control, or racism, or something that wasn’t Epstein related. The point is, people were looking elsewhere.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with “Operation Mockingbird”, let me just give you the quickest summary possible: in the 1950’s the CIA began using the media for propaganda/distraction purposes, and they still do it today.

One incredibly important note, on August 1st, the FBI recommended that conspiracy theorists be labeled as terror threats. So, there are unelected bureaucrats in Washington who don’t want anyone straying away from the story that we are being fed.

Take a look at this video by former intelligence operative, and “false flag” expert Steve Pieczenik:

To sum up Pieczenik, Jeffrey Epstein is too pompous and arrogant to commit suicide. The media has already said that he committed suicide, so anything else will be labeled a conspiracy theory.

My working theory is as follows:

Assuming Pieczenik is telling the truth when he says he knows Epstein was working for the Mossad, then we also have to go with the idea that he was put in place to entrap the rich and powerful in an effort to ensure the security of Israel amongst those who may otherwise speak out. This is why Epstein has so much dirt (and could possibly explain how he came into such wealth after starting out professionally teaching math).

If Pieczenik knows this, then it can safely be assumed that there are those in the intelligence community who are aware of this as well. The reasons they don’t speak out are apparent: they fear for their lives, they don’t want to be labeled crazy, or someone has dirt on them as well.

As valuable as Epstein was, there’s no way he would have been given the tools to kill himself. His ability to list his associates and assist in investigations into the worldwide elite-pedophile ring makes him a vital asset to our own intelligence.

While many will claim I’m stumping for Trump, there’s no denying the man is a master of taking control of the media, and pointing the camera in the direction he wants. Whether or not Epstein is really dead isn’t that important, because now we are talking about it again. Epstein, and his accomplices are back in the spotlight (which is great news for Trump, because the ‘Red Flag’ thing didn’t go over well with his base).

NOW, taking a chance and assuming that attention was paid to Epstein, an extraction makes sense. The image of the body that was supposed to be Jeffrey Epstein didn’t really look like him (maybe it was a bad angle), and the fact that no other pictures or videos were released only leads people to speculate.

With an extraction, the DOJ (or Mossad, or whoever is holding him) can ensure his safety, while causing the media to shift total focus away from gun violence, and back to Epstein. It’s a double win for Trump.

Don’t get me wrong, I want Jeffrey Epstein to burn in his own fiery ring of hell, but I want all the information from him first. He’s got connections to the most powerful people in the world, and they have proven to not stop at anything to make sure their secrets stay hidden forever.

I’d love to know what you think, and if you have any ideas as to what in the world is going on.

Stay vigilant, and God bless.