WATCH: Raccoon Climbs To The Top Of A Tower And Becomes Internet Sensation

What started as a viral hashtag, #mprraccoon quickly became the story of a daring little Raccoon who clearly knows no fear.

This heroic little fellow started out stuck nearly 20 feet above the street below. Once he was found, maintenance workers worked a ladder up to the little guy in hopes he would use it to decent downward. However, it had quite the opposite effect.

As crews tried to help the Raccoon, he jumped over the the other side and instead of climbing downward, he stuck his claws into the building side. He began climbing up and up.

This wouldn’t have been such a terrible thing, except the building he was climbing is the 15th tallest building in St. Paul Minnesota, standing at 25 stories tall.

Within just a few minutes the Raccoon had ascended 5 stories.

Ten minutes later the brave little Raccoon had reached the 12th floor, and then the 15th, and then he made it to the 20th floor. At this point he’s more than 100 feet above the ground. This is very odd for a Raccoon. They normally climb around 20 to 30 feet, mostly in trees, never on buildings.

Employees from two floors up watched below as the Raccoon laid down on a window ledge to take what can only be imagined as a much needed nap.

Desperate to get the Raccoon to safety, employees set out traps filled with with cat food in hopes the Raccoon would climb a couple more stories to safety.

Later that evening the raccoon seemed to have a change in heart and begun it’s decent, he made it to the 18th floor where he again took another nap.

It wasn’t until 2:45am when the Raccoon finally changed course and headed back upward. Eventually making it to the roof.

He found the food that was placed inside the traps, got himself a well deserved meal, before being taken down and released in a safe location.

Lets hope we all learn something from this little Raccoon.

Though you may find yourself in a seemingly desperate situation, don’t quit! Just keep climbing to safety. Lets just hope safety isn’t full of cat food.

Here is the video of what was captured of this brave Raccoons mission.