Vladimir Putin Thanks President Trump For Terror Attack Warning, “Many Lives Were Saved”

President Trump had a phone call with Russia’s President Putin, but news of the conversation didn’t come from the White House, and that has CNN asking questions.

When news arrived early Sunday that President Donald Trump had spoken to his Russian counterpart, it didn’t come from the White House, the “news” outlet reports.

Instead, word came from Moscow, where the Kremlin issued a brief statement saying Vladimir Putin had initiated a call to thank Trump for information provided by the United States that helped foil a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

CNN wants to know why this information came from a foreign government, and not the president, but let’s do some critical thinking (something their audience isn’t used to doing). Why would President Trump announce a foiled terror attack in Russia? How does that make any sense?

This is how that would go:

“I just got off the phone with President Putin, and he thanked us for helping to stop a terror attack.”

The first thing the talking heads would say is “yeah, right.” There wouldn’t be a point of releasing a statement, because nobody on the left would believe it. Instead, Russia announces it, and it comes off as legitimate. Why? Because the event happened in Russia… Why would an American president announce how we helped stop a terror attack before the country where it occurred had issued a statement?

CNN writes:

It would be more than 24 hours before the White House officially confirmed the conversation in its own statement. The 63-word American description of the call largely echoed the Russian version, with the addition that the men discussed arms control.

“The Presidents also discussed the state of relations between the United States and Russia,” the statement read.

Neither side provided additional details about the information the US had provided.

It’s not the first time a foreign government, including the Kremlin, has gotten a jump on announcing a call with Trump. In his conversations with Putin, Trump has previously insisted upon unusual secrecy that obscured the content of their discussions even from those inside the administration — including asking for his translator’s notes back after a one-on-one meeting.

The globalists, the people who are keeping us at war all over the world, have sold us on the idea that Russia is evil. Trump, being skeptical of the globalist elites, doesn’t trust anyone as far as he can throw them. Of course he’s going to make sure nobody walks out of a meeting between him and Putin with notes.

The way the media spins every single sentence, there’s no telling what kind of story they would concoct if notes between the two were released. We’ve had an entire impeachment over the fact that people go with the media’s assertion that Trump asked Ukraine to look into a political rival (that’s not what happened, but the media trusts that most Americans will believe what they tell them).

To call Trump’s secrecy “unusual” would be accurate. It is unusual for Americans to have a president working on their behalf, and not on the behalf of the elite who want us fighting with one another. World leaders at these big summits love chumming around, and laughing at the rest of the world while their nations crumble.

Maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump wants to see a better, safer world, and he’s willing to work with the globalist’s “boogeyman” to get there.