Virginia Democrats Threaten To Call In National Guard To Enforce New Gun Control Laws

Democratic lawmakers in the commonwealth of Virginia are threatening police officers with prosecution if they do not enforce the new gun control measures expected to pass in the coming weeks.

Left-wing democrats took over the commonwealth’s two legislative chambers, and now they are set on going after the firearms of citizens who have done nothing wrong.

The Washington Examiner writes:

After November’s Virginia Legislature elections that led to Democrats taking control of both chambers, the gun control legislation proposed by some Democrats moved forward, including universal background checks, an “assault weapons” ban, and a red flag law.

Legal firearm owners in the state, however, joined with their sheriffs to form Second Amendment sanctuary counties, which declare the authorities in these municipalities uphold the Second Amendment in the face of any gun control measure passed by Richmond.

Over 75 counties in Virginia have so far adopted such Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions in the commonwealth, the latest being Spotsylvania County. The board of supervisors voted unanimously to approve a resolution declaring that county police will not enforce state-level gun laws that violate Second Amendment rights.

The police are acting on behalf of the people they represent, not the lawmakers who are intent on trampling all over the Constitution.

Of course, the people in power don’t like that one bit, and now want these “sanctuary cities” to be punished.

“I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath,” Democratic Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly told the Washington Examiner. “The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”

Other Democrats believe that counties should lose funding for not enforcing these gun control laws.

“They certainly risk funding, because if the sheriff’s department is not going to enforce the law, they’re going to lose money,” said Democratic Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin. “The counties’ attorneys offices are not going to have the money to prosecute because their prosecutions are going to go down.”

“Ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law,” he said. “That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has.”

So, let’s see if we can put this thought process together. The vast majority of police officers and service-members support the Second Amendment. These lawmakers want the National Guard to come in and forcibly take guns from people.

Here’s the deal, the police aren’t doing anything wrong. They aren’t handing out guns. Similar to “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants, the police are just ignoring the gun laws. You know, just like how these left-wing cities ignore immigration laws. It’s the same thing. Yet, one involves the rights of citizens, and the other involves protecting illegal aliens.

Earlier in the week I said that our society is too passive to start a civil war, but holy moly was I wrong. This kind of behavior by the government is exactly the kind of thing the founders warned us about. They really want to take guns away from people, and they expect folks to go along with it without a fight.

If there is a civil war in this country, it’s going to start in Virginia. The American people, the one’s who understand what being an American is about, won’t sit idly by and allow their government to take away their God given rights.

Let’s hope the state’s lawmakers take a step back and realize what they are about to do.