Veteran Congressman Calls Out Vindman For Wearing Uniform To Hearing, “You Normally Wear A Suit”

The beauty of the main-stream media is that they leave so much out that there’s a lot of extra footage to source and find stories.

Yesterday during Lt. Col. Vindman’s hearing, Rep. Nunes supposedly got “owned” when Vindman corrected him after being called “Mr. Vindman”.

“Ranking member,” he said “It’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman.”

For the sake of language: “clap back” is the same thing as a “comeback”, but some people feel like clapping when they talk makes them smarter…

Anyway, Congressman Stewart, who represents Utah’s second district, found it strange that Lt. Col. Vindman decided to wear his uniform to the hearing, when his “uniform of the day”, or the uniform he typically wears to the White House is “a suit”…

“It’s a great reminder of your military service,” Rep. Stewart continued. “I too come from a military family… So as one military family to another thank you and your brothers for your service.”

Congressman Stewart then questions Lt. Col. Vindman’s response to Rep. Nunes calling him “Mr. Vindman”.

“Do you always insist on civilians calling you by your rank?”

Vindman, excuse me, LT. COL. VINDMAN said that, while he knew Mr. Nunes meant “no disrespect,” he said that he insisted being called that because people on Twitter were making fun of him.

That’s not even an exaggeration. He literally said:

“The attacks I’ve had in the press and on Twitter have kind of eliminated the fact that, either marginalized me as a military officer…”

A) The media is praising this guy (SEE PHOTO OF HEADLINE NEAR TOP)
B) What does his being “marginalized” have to do with wearing his uniform, and making sure everyone calls him “lieutenant colonel”? Oh, that’s right. This is a show, and like all good shows, characters have a standard uniform.

Kramer wears BASICALLY the same thing every episode

This is becoming one of my favorite shows.