Two Bus Passengers Shot In Gang War Along Texas Border

You know, the main stream media makes it seem like the only issue going on at the southern border is people being detained for crossing illegally.

The fact is, the U.S.-Mexican border is incredibly dangerous for everyone who calls it home. The main reason for that? Drug cartels.

The left likes to take the president out of context when he talks about the crime that occurs at the hands of those at the southern border. They say “he called all immigrants drug dealers,” but nothing could be further from the truth.

A shootout left two bus riders injured in the rural border towns of Guardados de Arriba and Guardados de Abajo, Mexico, directly south of Escobares, Texas. According to law enforcement, 15-20 SUV’s full of armed gang members from rival factions began opening fire on each other last Wednesday.

At one point, one of the gangs put down spike strips, which is how the bus found itself in the crossfire. The driver and a passenger were struck by bullets, but neither suffered serious injuries (assuming you don’t consider being hit by a bullet “serious”).

THESE GANG MEMBERS are who the president is referring to when he uses the phrase “bad people”. These people kill innocent people every day. They bring in drugs, and smuggle women and children in order to traffic them. They need to be stopped, and the left does no favors to those living in that part of both countries when they pretend this isn’t a problem.

It is. A big one.