Trump Supporter Attacked By “Tolerant” Left Wing Protestors

Last night in Minnesota the president held a campaign rally.

This is something president Trump has been doing regularly throughout his presidency, and to this day nothing violent has happened inside of the event.

The same cannot be said of outside the event, where liberal protestors stand waiting to attack those who they aren’t “tolerant” of.

You’ve seen the type: probably has dyed hair. Facial piercings. Says things like “not my president”, and “I punch Nazis”. Here’s what I mean:

Well, outside of the president’s rally, a man was attacked for standing around. Here’s some of the footage:

Here’s some loser walking around with a sign that says “eat the rich”:

These poor excuses for human beings even stole the hats from people at the rally and set them on fire.

Here’s more of these tolerant people destroying a police barricade.

This should be a wake up call to anyone on the fence of who to vote for. A vote for any democrat is a vote to embolden these kinds of people.